Artist Spotlight - Johnni Dough

Bio: Hollywood Mutha Fuckn J 
Jordan Townsend Quarles better known as Hollywood Mutha Fuckn J, aka, Johnni Dough, aka Scotty Knotts was breed by 808s and hot 16s. Born February 16th, 1990 in Tampa Florida. His parents moved back to their home town Pine Bluff, Arkansas in 1992, where low income communities, high murder rates and drugs played a key role in fueling this destined superstar into representing the underdog and mislead people of his community. By the age of 9 Hollywood was developing the foundation of being a artist, such as melodies, rhythmic patterns, and the art of storytelling. Coming up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas was a hostile environment so through the tribes and tribulations of his teenage upcoming, gave his music more substance and something his peers and people in the same situation could relate to. Some musical influences he had included the late great Pimp C, The Hot Boys, Chamillionaire, Keke, Big Tuck, Missy Elliot, Diplomats, OutKast, Boosie, Webbie, Foxx, R Kelly and Ronald Isley. By the age of 18 Hollywood had supplied the state with professional street music that gained a buzz all the way to Texas. In the mist of being an artist it dawned on him that he wanted to be more than an artist, but he wanted to be a CEO. So he founded KashKingzEnt with the help of his manager Efrain Vazquez . With the link up of some of the hottest produces and engineers from Arkansas, including Demorio Hall . Some people look at it being just words on a beat but Hollywood looked at this platform as a stepping stone into being a pioneer of his world, his people, and to break the laws of restriction, doubts, cant’s, negativity and turning that into light, love, and beauty for the streets and confused minds of this era to let them know that somebody still cares.

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