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It isn’t where you came from; it’s where you’re going that counts.” (Ella Fitzgerald)


Born in Little Rock, Arkansas as Ranikka LaPrise Jones on January 3rd, 1990, her amazing journey began. Being born prematurely, life taught her at an early age how to persevere through adversity. It is true what most say, “Big things come in small packages” and she is a true testament. She’s small in stature but have the heart of a giant and the voice of an angel. As a product of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the world may be astonished by her tenacity. Being raised in a city where drugs, crime, high levels of poverty and numerous of people who don’t believe their dreams are obtainable to achieve; her faith in God has prevailed over all obstacles. In the midst of it all, He gave her a means of survival and success. Her voice! Music is her vehicle for escape and bridge to excellence; therefore, she will continue to cherish God’s gift to her. Her story has an enormous amount of depth and color. The crazy thing is it’s just the beginning.


We welcome you to the life of Ranikka J.



She’s a 23 year old aspiring singer who currently graduated with a B.S. degree in Biology (Pre-Medicine) from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Even at the early age of 2, her love for music developed by being exposed to all genres of music by her father. Her musical inspirations are The Clark Sisters, Michael Jackson, Kim Burrell, Sam Cooke and Beyonce just to name a few. However, without question, her most admirable singer is the late Whitney Houston. Her first time seeing, “The Bodyguard”, she automatically fell in love with her voice and aura. Whitney inspired Ranikka to find her hidden treasure which was her gift of song. She believes Ms.Houston embodied the essence of a true artist! At the age of 6 she was given the opportunity to showcase her talent in a big musical production in Pine Bluff. In doing so, it allowed her to be the little star she always wanted to be. She said, “People may think you can’t really go far being from Arkansas.” Also she stated, “A lot of people don’t even know where Arkansas is, especially Pine Bluff.”


Daily her love for music increased as a child and she joined her church and school choirs as well as her college choir to perfect her craft. She have been singing since she was a child but recently decided to actively pursue her dream. Her sound can be described as fresh, edgy and authentic R&B at its best. Her objective is to be a female lyrical artist. Her musical plan is to engage the emotional appeal of those who truly enjoy passionate music. Empowering women and illustrating a new sense of respect for each other along with depicting the depth of their hearts and minds. Her music is definitely soulful music for the new age era. She wants to be relatable to all ethnicity groups, age groups, and genres of music; furthermore, being able to grow as an artist and individual through her music. She wants her music to be transferable across generations. Her brand reflects womanhood and appealing music which reaches the emotional ups and downs of women in respect to daily life. Another goal she wants to achieve is to motivate women and deliver a poetic, lyrical notion with meaningful music. As a means to stretch her talents and outreach, she performed at numerous events in her community along with traveling across the world.

At the moment, she is focusing on perfecting her craft by writing and recording her original music. She’s in the process of releasing an EP in the near future which is a short album consisting of 3 to 5 songs. Be on the lookout for a possible single from her as well. Not only that but in her spare time she share videos on her YouTube channel “Ranikka J” which she started on Feb.11, 2012. Her channel contains covers and much more which she opens up to her supporters and share her amazing gift to the world. Her love for music is unexplainable and the joy it brings to her life is refreshing. “To be honest with you, I really didn’t think that what I’m doing now was possible. I’ve faced numerous of challenges in my life and negative people who tried to steer me in the opposite direction of my purpose. But my faith in God, my family, my support system and every person who played a positive role in my life is what kept me sane and motivated me to go forth with what I’m doing now.”

Remember the name & get familiar with the brand, Ranikka J. She welcomes each of you on her musical journey as she pours out her phenomenal vocals to the world. Believe it or not, she plans to redefine the perceptions of her hometown and introduce the world to yet another small town woman who followed her dreams. “I am just your average woman who’s positive on how she views life itself. As far as my music goes, I love writing to be relatable to peoples’ walks of life. I am very intelligent and extremely motivated to push myself to achieve all of my hearts desires. I refuse to be a quitter. I can be my own worst critic. I set my own standards; I don’t live by anyone’s standards on who they think I should be. I know I’m not perfect but I try my best to be the best Ranikka I can be.” Pine Bluff, Arkansas is her home; however, greatness is her destination. Ranikka J. in a nut shell is blessed. She is blessed with a great family and wonderful friends, an incredible gift and a gigantic heart. When asked what her favorite quote is, she replied, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.” This is the life of Ranikka J.!

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  • Frank

    Frank US

    Hey, I really like singing. I read your post . Your life story is amazing . First of all your name is nice. I share your life story with my friend. she is totally inspired for you. please share More hints about your life experience. Keep posting.

    Hey, I really like singing. I read your post . Your life story is amazing . First of all your name is nice. I share your life story with my friend. she is totally inspired for you. please share More hints about your life experience. Keep posting.

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    I love her songs and i have also heard about her secrets in website.

    I love her songs and i have also heard about her secrets in website.

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