Artist Spotlight - Sinclare

I'm from Little Rock, AR. I slang raps for MXMXC (Management Music-Collective), the most talented music collective in LR. I get a lot of bad press for saying that but it's the truth. I released my first mix-tape (The Stoned Liberace), which was also the first MXMXC project, this past summer. Over at MXMXC we embody true musicianship, from the beats our producers make to the rap tapes we put out. We enjoy the artistry. My style of hip-hop brings listeners closer to the realities of life. Most importantly, everything I say or do is intended to inspire people from small states like Arkansas to live their dream. It doesn't matter where you are from. My next mix-tape," The Righteous Hippy's", has an unofficial release date it will be dropping this summer around June.  I have videos for the top 3 songs (Lambeau Field, Gangsta Bitch, Ten-Fo) from the tape on our official YouTube which can be found below. 

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Twitter: @sinclare_a1
Instagram - SinClare_mxmxc

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