Artist Spotlight: Stack Throw Music Group

 Artist ''KB'' 

My Name Is Kirk Slowey , I Was Born In Louisiana, but have lived in Mississippi Since I Was Born, So I Have Been Raised In Picayune Ms, Most Of My Life , I'm 18 Yrs Old, 
(7-26-94).. I Was Inspired To Start My Music Career By Lil Wayne , 2 Chainz , Chief Keef, and Local Artists . I Just Recently Started Making Music About A Year Ago, Most People Say I've Adjusted Quick , There's Always Room For Improvement , When I Was Growing UP, The 3 Music Artists I Looked Up To When I Was Younger Was 2 Pac, 50 Cent, And Lil Wayne . I Prefer To Sit Back , And Just Listen To Music An Music , Other Than That I'm Waiting On God Almighty To Help Us Reach The Pinnacle , I Have Faith In Our Savior To Help StackThrow Music Group , With Our Journey To The Top!

Artist Fiya

LIKES: sports mafia movies video games MUSIC 
Dislikes: country music THIEFS n frauds 
Music Goals: get signed and rise to the top n work hard for what i get 
Favorite rapper: MGK, Twista, My brothers Trik n Dub Jay 
Favorite food: any thing mom cook lol 
Went from lil Kevin to Fiya n when i did that i completely changed my style i am $.M.G till i die they fam but B.O.E. will forever run through my veins Dub Jay made me into the MC i am i will forever be grateful for that but now to my new fam $.M.G is a bunch of childhood friends i moved to TX for 5 years come back n we still like we was then That is fam $.M.G Salute My Fam

Artist:  FRESH 

Bio: For those of you who don't know me my name is Fresh aka "FreshFrebreze " I'm 1/4 of SMG my rap group , i love money , & I go hard for it , music is the passion , been doing it since I was 3 years old , so I'm not new to the game , I'm willing to go as far as the music & god takes me ..

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