Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Tests Positive For COVID-19 

Lamar Jackson Oakley Shades Clip

The coronavirus pandemic is far from over. NFL superstar and the leader of the Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. Lamar Jackson Has COVID-19 According to reports, Jackson is one of multiple people within the Ravens organization dealing with COVID. Initial plans had Lamar and his team battling the undefeated Pittsburgh […]

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Cuban Link Reveals Tattoos Only 50 Cent Would Find In Steamy Bikini 

Cuban Link In Bed With 50 Cent

New York rapper 50 Cent‘s girlfriend Cuban Link is making eyes open extra wide. The hip-hop superstar’s ride or die goes online to share a steamy shot of herself rocking a must-see blue bikini but – more interestingly – showing off some previously never before seen tattoos. Cuban Link’s Tattoos Revealed CL went to her […]

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Boosie Reunites With Webbie While Recovering From Shooting 

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While recovering from a gunshot would that could’ve presented much bigger problems, Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz revealed that he received a surprise visit from his on again, off again friend and collaborator Webbie.

At the beginning of the year, the two Louisiana slang spitters we’re at opposite ends of the spectrum, with Boosie arguing that Webbie didn’t pull up when Boosie was incarcerated. This visit seemed to correct all wrongs, as Boosie announced the well received visit on Twitter.

The two never revealed the reason behind the visit, but fans of both rappers were excited for the reunion.

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Rick Ross Posts Up With Benny The Butcher During Shooting Recovery 

Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross is a real friend. He’s come in clutch for New York hip-hop artist Benny the Butcher following a recent publicized shooting in Texas. Rick Ross Links W/ Benny The Butcher Benny took to his social media to share a picture of Ross pushing him in a wheelchair. He didn’t […]

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Universal Studios Sued For Racism By Faizon Love 

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Film star and comedian Faizon Love filed suit today against Universal Studios over the company’s decade-long, racist advertising campaign for the 2009 film Couples Retreat in which Love starred. The suit accuses Universal of breach of contract as well as fraud and violations of California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act for intentional discrimination because Love is Black.

“Setting aside Universal Studios’ self-professed solidarity with progressive racial goals, the facts underpinning this case demonstrate that Universal Studios is a fully-participating collaborator in maintaining a bigoted status quo,” states the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by Mr. Love’s law firm Browne George Ross O’Brien Annaguey & Ellis LLP (“BGR”).

Love was one of eight principal stars and one of only two Black stars, along with Kali Hawk, in the comedy film, which has grossed over $171 million to date. Love’s contract with Universal guaranteed him star billing on par with six of his co-stars, including in advertising and promotional materials for the film. In the U.S., Love and Hawk appeared in those materials. 

Yet, when the picture was released internationally, the studio used a different poster from which Love and Hawk’s faces and names were removed. The studio also refused to invite Love to participate in the European press tour for the film’s initial foreign release

Love challenged Universal in 2009 over the racist change to its marketing for Couples Retreat, and the studio promised to cease using the offending ad. It also promised to correct its bad behavior by providing Love with other significant film roles, as well as a prominent role in a television show alongside Vince Vaughn, with whom Love appeared in the film. Love accepted these promises at face value and, at the time, declined to pursue legal remedies.

Despite Universal’s failure during the past dozen years to make good on promises for additional film and TV roles, Love believed the company had at least made good on its pledge to correct its advertising to meet its contractual obligations to him.

However, in July 2020, Love discovered Universal continues to use the blatantly racist posters in direct violation of his contract. Given that these actions have gone uncorrected for 12 years, Love felt he was left with no choice but to sue. 

“As far as Universal was concerned, its contract meant nothing, its promises to correct its egregious behavior meant nothing, and its pledges to Faizon Love meant nothing,” said Love’s lead attorney Eric George of BGR. “Yet this is not merely a breach of contract and good faith: It is nothing less than a deliberate act of racism on the part of Universal Studios at the highest levels.” 

“Universal Studios lied. Not only did it flout its promise of career assistance to Mr. Love, Universal Studios continues to this day to use the offending poster—not merely internationally but now also domestically. What Universal Studios had initially portrayed to Mr. Love as an unintentional act of oversight and carelessness was, we now know, an intentional act of disparate and discriminatory treatment by Universal Studios and the remaining defendants,” George said. 

Back in 2009 Universal Studios was within the corporate structure of the General Electric Co., and the decision-makers who removed Love from the advertising were under the supervision of Adam Fogelson, now chairman of STX Films, the suit alleges. 

The lawsuit goes on to allege that Fogelson and the film’s producer, Scott Stuber, now head of original programming for Netflix, personally promised Love the racist poster would be taken out of publication, and they would provide new opportunities to him. 

The suit states, “Fogelson . . . called Mr. Love in November 2009 and apologized for the racist poster. Mr. Fogelson could not, and did not attempt to justify the the racist poster, and told Mr. Love that defendants would fix the problem by not using the offending image going forward. Scott Stuber, who at the time headed Stuber Pictures, a producer of Couples Retreat, and who was under a five-year production deal with Universal Studios, called Mr. Love to apologize for the use of the racist poster, likewise promising that it would be destroyed and never used again to promote the movie.”

The lawsuit alleges that these promises were false, and the wrong perpetrated against Love in 2009 continues to this day now under Universal’s current ownership, Comcast. Comcast owns Universal through the NBCUniversal Film and Entertainment division of its wholly owned subsidiary NBCUniversal, which both then and now has a stark lack of diversity, according to the lawsuit.

Continuing to see the “Love-less” promotional materials on websites around the world – including Europe, Latin America and Asia – as well as on major websites like and, has resulted in both lost professional opportunities for Love and an immensely painful reminder of the walls Universal and other studios erect to stymie Black success.

Love has been a successful performer as a stand-up comedian, film and television actor, and voice-over artist for more than 30 years. He has more than 75 acting credits, including lead roles in the hit holiday film Elf and the cult classic Friday. Because of his experience and success, he was chosen for a lead role in Couples Retreat. He agreed to a lesser salary for the film because he believed the role would provide him an opportunity for additional high-profile film and TV roles in the future, the suit states. 

“This film was a big money-maker for Universal, but instead of honoring my work and my contract, the studio chose to render me invisible to billions of moviegoers around the world,” Love said. “They have not only hurt me financially, they have hurt me in a deeper way by dismissing me because of my Blackness – and they have hurt all Black performers by continuing to perpetuate racism in the movie industry.”

Love said he filed the lawsuit “not just for the wrong committed against me, but for the discriminatory practices against Blacks and people of color in the entertainment industry. I want to ensure that future generations don’t have to endure the racism and whitewashing that I have experienced.” 

The lawsuit is especially significant in 2020, in the wake of the racial justice movement and the Motion Picture Academy’s pledge to address the historic lack of diversity in Academy Award nominations spotlighted by the #OscarsSoWhite movement.

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Today in Hip-Hop History: No Limit’s Soulja Slim Shot and Killed 17 Years Ago 

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On this day in 2003, James Tapp Jr., who is better known to the Hip Hop community as Soulja Slim, was shot and killed in front of his mother’s residence the night before Thanksgiving in his hometown of New Orleans. He was 26 years old.

Slim’s killer, the 22-year-old Gerelle Smith, was arrested on New Year’s Eve for the shooting but was released after no witnesses would come forward, even though the murder weapon was found in Smith’s possession. In August 2011, Smith was also shot and killed.

The New Orleans District Attorney’s office still has Slim’s murder listed as a cold case.

Soulja Slim is best known for his Juvenile assisted “Slow Motion”, which was the premiere track that featured both of New Orleans’ Hip-Hop first families; No Limit Records and Cash Money Records.

Salute to Slim (RIP) and the city of New Orleans for giving the world a chance to hear the voice of one of its kings.

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Chevy Gurl


Vanisha Davis (a.k.a.) ChevyGurl was born on December 21, 1994, in the State of Florida. 

ChevyGurl is a graduate of ECOT - Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow which is a community/charter high school based in Cleveland, Ohio. ChevyGurl graduated in 2012 one year earlier than her graduating class of 2013 and was inducted into the National Honor Society.  ChevyGurl is also a graduate of Campbellsville University located in Campbellsville, Kentucky where she also graduated again one year earlier that her class of 2016.  

ChevyGurl developed an interest for music at the tender age of 6 when she was in and out of recording studio with her dad who is also a record label executive and a former D. J.  By the tender age of eleven, ChevyGurl was rapping in her local middle school talent shows, and around the Tampa Bay Area for family and friends. By the age of 15, ChevyGurl was recording her own little mixtape, and she posted a few of her songs on YouTube with some of her recording buddies. ChevyGurl is also the Vice president of Smash 'em Entertainment and her mother Rachael Davis is the President a family own label.  

ChevyGurl is currently working on her new album entitled No Genre, and she has just released her 2nd single off her debut album entitle Run It Up.  When you listen to ChevyGurls debut album you will hear some of the hottest banging tracks to ever come out of the Tampa Bay area. The album No Genre by ChevyGurl will make your head bob and your body move immediately starting with the very first track.  

ChevyGurl is ready to take the music industry by storm even though she has not put a genre on her style. She states she will let the world name her style for her which has a Hip Hop/R&B flavor with a little Pop feel which makes her sound enjoyable for all ages. ChevyGurl says this has been a lifelong dream to become a Hip Hop, R&B, Pop Star, and she understands that it won't happen overnight, but she has nothing but time on her hands.  

ChevyGurl also writes and is starting to taste a little of the production side as well, This No Genre artist has more than just a southern rap style with a hip hop groove from her sassy punch lines to her smooth clean rap lyrics. ChevyGurl is dubbing herself as the new sound of Tampa Bay. 

While one may be tempted to dismiss ChevyGurl as just another addition to the already crowded scene of female rappers, take note: ChevyGurl smooth rap style is anything, but more of the status quo. ChevyGurl has the right combination of classiness, smoothness, and drive with a lady like substance for good taste.





Who, what, or where exactly is Neondia? One may believe that Neondia is a faceless entity,  trapped within its own thoughts, drowning in the complexity of lust, love, and the self-indulgence of sin. 

Others may say that Neondia is the future, today. The very existence of a dark dystopian society whose presence seems all too relevant. A place where ethics and morality are near extinction. An existence where it’s citizens held together by their shared passion for pleasurable self-abuse. 

Perhaps it is both: A faceless entity in a neo-noir dystopia, whose very lifeblood is cyberpunk, which in turn is the force that binds it’s citizens together. One unable to exist without the other. 

One thing is for certain, the soundtrack is one that is beautifully dark and seductively ominous. It feeds on its own emotional insecurities and indulgences. A misguided soul. 

The synthetic ambiance of the instrumentals cannot exist without the twisted yet romanticized lyrics that rush over the kick and snares. The melodies echo throughout the darkness of this world. One can almost feel the rain falling from the ever overcast sky. A place of eternal night where the neon lights glow above the decadence that rages on the streets below. 

One thing is for certain: it is in itself a genre that refuses to be categorized as either contemporary or popular.



L.K. Louie, a versatile rapper and singer from Detroit, MI with a deep southern and Motown sound. With influences from early Rock’n Roll, rap of all ages, R&B, Soul, and starting off singing in church and school choir, adapting into melodic rap tone, L.K. is definitely a triple threat on a track. Working with artists such as Dre Butterz, Bryan Hamilton, and other various Detroit artists, to production and songwriting. You will not be let down by this artist L.K. Louie, Champion Of The Kingdom