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license Information



 The basic lease comes with MP3.  This option comes with 10,000 distribution and  50,000 video/audio streams.   The beat can be resold after you lease it.  You can upgrade to an unlimited lease at any time.  You will receive a digital contract after purchase.





     Unlimited  WAV Lease is an advance lease.  It comes with an MP3 file and WAV.  Unlimited leases come with the Tracked-Out WAV files.   The Tracked-Out WAV files will be sent within 48 hours after purchase. You have unlimited profit. You will have unlimited distribution and unlimited audio/video streams if you choose the option.  You will receive a digital contract after purchase.







      Exclusive License comes with MP3, WAV, Contract, and, Tracked-Out WAV Files. Once the beat has been sold exclusively, it will be removed from the site and not be resold past that point.  This option comes with unlimited distribution and video/audio streams.  Exclusive rights also come with unlimited profit. The files will take no longer than 48 hours to send.  





         Premium Exclusive is the top tier license.  The beats that are premium exclusive will not be leased at all.  YOU WILL BE THE ONLY ARTIST IN THE WORLD WITH THAT BEAT. Premium exclusive rights come with MP3, WAV, and Tracked out WAV Files. You will receive a digital contract stating you have Premium Exclusive rights.  You will have unlimited distribution, video, and, audio streams. Premium Exclusive rights come with unlimited profit also. The tracked-out files will take no longer than 48 hours to send.  


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