1.  Click + ADD next to the beat(s) you wish to order 
2.  Select the license you require 
3.  When you are ready to order, click Buy Now in the top right to redirect to make payment. 
4.  After payment, you will receive the download links to your beats to your PayPal email address (please check your junk mail)

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 Basic lease is a great way to go if you are just starting out.  The basic lease option works best for mix-tapes, promo, and demos/EPs (Extend Play) projects.  This options comes with 2,500 distribution and and 5,000 video/audio streams.   The beat can be resold after you lease it.  You can upgrade to unlimited lease at any time.  You will receive a contract.



Unlimited Lease


     Unlimited  WAV Lease is an advance lease.  It comes with a MP3 file and WAV  + Tracked Out files.  This option is good for artist who prefer tracked-out WAV files for a better mix.  WAV formats are supported by all recording software.    The beat can be resold.  The Tracked-Out WAV files will be sent within 48 hours after purchase. You  will have unlimited distribution and unlimited audio/video streams, if you choose the option.  You will receive a contract.  







      Exclusive License is the best way to go if you are a SERIOUS rapper or singer.  Once the beat has been sold exclusively, it will be removed from the site and not be resold past that point.  This option comes with unlimited distribution and video/audio streams. If you are working on an album or a hit single, this option will give you a peace of mind once the song takes off.  Exclusive beats come with track-outs and a contract.  The files usually take no longer than 48 hours to send.  To purchase exclusive rights, make an offer via the beat player or email management:





         Premium Exclusive is the top tier license.  This is our newest thing.  This is for artists who care about quality instead of quantity.  The beats that are premium exclusive will not be leased at all.  YOU WILL BE THE ONLY ARTIST IN THE WORLD WITH THAT BEAT.  It's more expensive but it's well worth it.  Sometimes being the only one with something makes it way more valuable than the common item.  For example, if everybody had REAL Diamonds the price value would drop significantly.  This option is not for everyone.  It comes with the track-outs also, as with any exclusive beat would.  You'll also get a contract stating you have Premium Exclusive rights.  The tracked-out files usually take no longer than 48 hours to send.  To purchase 


        Trap Team Beats

        Welcome to Trap Team Beats.  We aim to help the artist achieve a solid sound.  We operate with a simple but effective formula.  Good Lyrics + Great Beat = Success.   It's the foundation.  With a solid song, you won't have to do lots of tiring promotions in hopes to get good results.   Timeless music sells everywhere.   Let our beats take you to the next level.  It's a small investment compared to the fruits of labor that will come in the future. 

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        let's make hits

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