Songwriting Services

Songwriting Form

The songwriting form below is the first step to creating a unique sound just for you! After you have submitted the form below within 24-48 hours you will receive an e-sign document to review and also explain the songwriting process. You will also receive a contractual agreement to ensure artist, producer, and songwriter rights are protected. Expect song construction, review, & editing to take a minimum of 2 weeks. 

 Need a faster song option?

Trap Team Beats understands that sometimes artists are in need of material faster. So our Fast Track Ready songs are a secondary option that allows you to purchase on-hand available songs receive them within 24-72 hours. A short preview of the song is available on the player below. If you are interested in the provided song click the sale button and complete the purchase steps. After purchase, a confirmation receipt will be sent to the provided email. The preview version of the song will be taken off the site. Within 24hours the contractual agreement will be sent and once signed the full version of the song ( two verses, hook, and instrumental beat) will be sent. 

*You don't have to complete the songwriting form for the fast track-ready songs*