The Danger With Youtube Beats 

It may seem like an easy go-to but there are some producers out there who give artists a very hard time after a song blows up.  Greed is the root cause most of the time.  The producer wants to make sure he's not getting scammed and the artist wants to make sure he's not getting scammed.  You always need to make sure you know the terms of “Free Beats”.  If not you may go to register the song and get a copyright infringement. To avoid this, simply find you a producer that sells leasing or exclusive rights to beats at a decent price. Having beats that you have rights to can help in the future.  You can enjoy your royalty profits in peace!

Exclusive Beats Vs Leasing? 

You've probably had this conversation with yourself as an artist.  Buying exclusive beats is always the best step in advancing your career as an artist. No one else can purchase the beat after you buy exclusive rights.  You can generate income from royalties with no cap to stop your profits.  


Leasings is a good option also.  Leasing beats works great with putting together a mixtape or working on a demo project.  If your working on a single, you may want to upgrade to exclusive rights in the future. If the song blows up and he's already sold the beat then you are in a tough situation.

How Mechanical Royalties Work 

Mechanical royalties in a nutshell are royalties that the record company pays for the right to use a song in records.  The publisher issues a license to the record company that says, for each record manufactured and distributed, each digital copy that's downloaded, the record company will pay a royalty equal to a specified number of pennies.  Sometimes this rate is tied to the statutory rate, and thus increases if the statutory royalty increases. 

Chevy Gurl


Vanisha Davis (a.k.a.) ChevyGurl was born on December 21, 1994, in the State of Florida. 

ChevyGurl is a graduate of ECOT - Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow which is a community/charter high school based in Cleveland, Ohio. ChevyGurl graduated in 2012 one year earlier than her graduating class of 2013 and was inducted into the National Honor Society.  ChevyGurl is also a graduate of Campbellsville University located in Campbellsville, Kentucky where she also graduated again one year earlier that her class of 2016.  

ChevyGurl developed an interest for music at the tender age of 6 when she was in and out of the recording studio with her dad who is also a record label executive and a former D. J.  By the tender age of eleven, ChevyGurl was rapping in her local middle school talent shows, and around the Tampa Bay Area for family and friends. By the age of 15, ChevyGurl was recording her own little mixtape, and she posted a few of her songs on YouTube with some of her recording buddies. ChevyGurl is also the Vice president of Smash 'em Entertainment and her mother Rachael Davis is the President a family's own label.  

ChevyGurl is currently working on her new album entitled No Genre, and she has just released her 2nd single off her debut album entitled Run It Up.  When you listen to ChevyGurls debut album you will hear some of the hottest banging tracks to ever come out of the Tampa Bay area. The album No Genre by ChevyGurl will make your head bob and your body move immediately starting with the very first track.  

ChevyGurl is ready to take the music industry by storm even though she has not put a genre on her style. She states she will let the world name her style for her which has a Hip Hop/R&B flavor with a little Pop feel which makes her sound enjoyable for all ages. ChevyGurl says this has been a lifelong dream to become a Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop Star, and she understands that it won't happen overnight, but she has nothing but time on her hands.  

ChevyGurl also writes and is starting to taste a little of the production side as well, This No Genre artist has more than just a southern rap style with a hip hop groove from her sassy punch lines to her smooth clean rap lyrics. ChevyGurl is dubbing herself as the new sound of Tampa Bay. 

While one may be tempted to dismiss ChevyGurl as just another addition to the already crowded scene of female rappers, take note: ChevyGurl smooth rap style is anything, but more of the status quo. ChevyGurl has the right combination of classiness, smoothness, and drive with a lady-like substance for good taste.





Who, what, or where exactly is Neondia? One may believe that Neondia is a faceless entity,  trapped within its own thoughts, drowning in the complexity of lust, love, and the self-indulgence of sin. 

Others may say that Neondia is the future, today. The very existence of a dark dystopian society whose presence seems all too relevant. A place where ethics and morality are near extinction. An existence where its citizens are held together by their shared passion for pleasurable self-abuse. 

Perhaps it is both: A faceless entity in a neo-noir dystopia, whose very lifeblood is cyberpunk, which in turn is the force that binds its citizens together. One is unable to exist without the other. 

One thing is for certain, the soundtrack is one that is beautifully dark and seductively ominous. It feeds on its own emotional insecurities and indulgences. A misguided soul. 

The synthetic ambiance of the instrumentals cannot exist without the twisted yet romanticized lyrics that rush over the kick and snares. The melodies echo throughout the darkness of this world. One can almost feel the rain falling from the ever-overcast sky. A place of eternal night where the neon lights glow above the decadence that rages on the streets below. 

One thing is for certain: it is in itself a genre that refuses to be categorized as either contemporary or popular.



L.K. Louie, is a versatile rapper and singer from Detroit, MI with a deep southern and Motown sound. With influences from early Rock's Roll, rap of all ages, R&B, Soul, and starting off singing in church and school choir, adapting into melodic rap tone, L.K. is definitely a triple threat on a track. Working with artists such as Dre Butterz, Bryan Hamilton, and other various Detroit artists, to produce and songwriting. You will not be let down by this artist L.K. Louie, Champion Of The Kingdom