We can't all win but neither can we all lose so I just want to fill in the gaps. It's no better time in this world to be different and to stand out than now. As a female artist, I want my lyrics to define my music and the grind to define my work ethics. It's time to separate the stigmas of a certain beauty in HIP- HOP,  a model has one job and that's to strictly model and be beauty cautions. So I'm female rapper..... a notepad, mic, give me a beat and let me rap! 

Facebook & Instagram me @Lyons_Flawless Snap Chat @im_similar 

Artist Spotlight - Sinclare 

I'm from Little Rock, AR. I slang raps for MXMXC (Management Music-Collective), the most talented music collective in LR. I get a lot of bad press for saying that but it's the truth. I released my first mix-tape (The Stoned Liberace), which was also the first MXMXC project, this past summer. Over at MXMXC we embody true musicianship, from the beats our producers make to the rap tapes we put out. We enjoy the artistry. My style of hip-hop brings listeners closer to the realities of life. Most importantly, everything I say or do is intended to inspire people from small states like Arkansas to live their dream. It doesn't matter where you are from. My next mix-tape," The Righteous Hippy's", has an unofficial release date it will be dropping this summer around June.  I have videos for the top 3 songs (Lambeau Field, Gangsta Bitch, Ten-Fo) from the tape on our official YouTube which can be found below. 

Links to my music:

Social Links:

Twitter: @sinclare_a1
Instagram - SinClare_mxmxc

Artist Spotlight: Pharaoh Pharez 


Justin Pharez Smith
Birthday: September 18, 1992
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Been here before and will return when I leave.


I am Justin Pharez Smith
The man you see before you has not always been this man
And a man from many walks of life is who I can say I am
I am a baby boy born of a mother young
17 if you must know
And this Greek goddess of a woman is from whence I gain my glow
Here before you stands the man once just a boy along his trike
I rode the road around the corner and saw the most beautiful sight
I can swear to the heavens that destiny works from beginning to the end
From babes we met to lovers and now parenting as friends
But that’s another story for a much later day
Along the same road I rode that same trike as I ran outside to play
Cries called out from inside my grandmothers house on daffodil
As a young boy I didn’t know what it meant to hurt or heal
My father was shot
My father was murdered by the hands of hatred
My father was taken from his only son as if he had given his life like Christ
But he died so that I may live
They all die so that we may live and live as I am
I am that gifted and talented straight A getting little boy whom the great city of Pine Bluff came to know and love
I must have had to be humbled early tho
I don’t think I would have such a great impact on this planet if I wasn’t
I was shown the hatred and cruelty of the world before most even realize they are in a situation that sucks
I am that breast stroking, 5th place in the state of Texas, 10 year old who had a “big brother” who must have thought my award gave him a free pass to my jewels
I quickly became that 10 year old trapped in a closet but not by my own doing
Trapped in  a closet with a belt around my mouth and a knife to my throat
Forced to do things no man should ever do
Told that I will embarrass you and kill your mother if I ever told the truth
I am the molested young ray of light that shone so bright in the midst of darkness
Right her is where my heart is for all those young men just like me
But you have to realize that I am not a product of my situation
I am a result of a firm belief in the Most High, The Creator.
Because he taught me to create these words and free my soul
Something you have yet to do
I am the epitome of freedom
And if you don’t know the definition of epitome, it is a person who is a perfect example of an idea
That idea of justice, equality, and liberty is who I am
Justin stands for justice, righteousness, and truth
I will fight injustice from the left corners of hell to the high stakes of Heaven
Pharez stands for breakthrough
I have broken through the stronghold of struggle and shall breakthrough this nation in search of peace love and happiness
Smith stands for someone skilled with creating something with a specified material
Which means I’m good with my hands
And if I've ever healed you
You know I’m good with my hands
I am the seed of Jesse sent with a vision and a dream greater than even the great king, Martin Luther
I am the reformation
I am the black power
I am the man with a voice
So listen and listen carefully when I speak
I know who I am
Do you know who you are?
I am a child of God
Me and my Father are One
And you are too!


IG: @PharaohPharez

Twitter: @PharaohPharez

Artist Spotlight: Stack Throw Music Group 

 Artist ''KB'' 

My Name Is Kirk Slowey , I Was Born In Louisiana, but have lived in Mississippi Since I Was Born, So I Have Been Raised In Picayune Ms, Most Of My Life , I'm 18 Yrs Old, 
(7-26-94).. I Was Inspired To Start My Music Career By Lil Wayne , 2 Chainz , Chief Keef, and Local Artists . I Just Recently Started Making Music About A Year Ago, Most People Say I've Adjusted Quick , There's Always Room For Improvement , When I Was Growing UP, The 3 Music Artists I Looked Up To When I Was Younger Was 2 Pac, 50 Cent, And Lil Wayne . I Prefer To Sit Back , And Just Listen To Music An Music , Other Than That I'm Waiting On God Almighty To Help Us Reach The Pinnacle , I Have Faith In Our Savior To Help StackThrow Music Group , With Our Journey To The Top!

Artist Fiya

LIKES: sports mafia movies video games MUSIC 
Dislikes: country music THIEFS n frauds 
Music Goals: get signed and rise to the top n work hard for what i get 
Favorite rapper: MGK, Twista, My brothers Trik n Dub Jay 
Favorite food: any thing mom cook lol 
Went from lil Kevin to Fiya n when i did that i completely changed my style i am $.M.G till i die they fam but B.O.E. will forever run through my veins Dub Jay made me into the MC i am i will forever be grateful for that but now to my new fam $.M.G is a bunch of childhood friends i moved to TX for 5 years come back n we still like we was then That is fam $.M.G Salute My Fam

Artist:  FRESH 

Bio: For those of you who don't know me my name is Fresh aka "FreshFrebreze " I'm 1/4 of SMG my rap group , i love money , & I go hard for it , music is the passion , been doing it since I was 3 years old , so I'm not new to the game , I'm willing to go as far as the music & god takes me ..

Artist Spotlight - Ranikka J. 



It isn’t where you came from; it’s where you’re going that counts.” (Ella Fitzgerald)


Born in Little Rock, Arkansas as Ranikka LaPrise Jones on January 3rd, 1990, her amazing journey began. Being born prematurely, life taught her at an early age how to persevere through adversity. It is true what most say, “Big things come in small packages” and she is a true testament. She’s small in stature but have the heart of a giant and the voice of an angel. As a product of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the world may be astonished by her tenacity. Being raised in a city where drugs, crime, high levels of poverty and numerous of people who don’t believe their dreams are obtainable to achieve; her faith in God has prevailed over all obstacles. In the midst of it all, He gave her a means of survival and success. Her voice! Music is her vehicle for escape and bridge to excellence; therefore, she will continue to cherish God’s gift to her. Her story has an enormous amount of depth and color. The crazy thing is it’s just the beginning.


We welcome you to the life of Ranikka J.



She’s a 23 year old aspiring singer who currently graduated with a B.S. degree in Biology (Pre-Medicine) from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Even at the early age of 2, her love for music developed by being exposed to all genres of music by her father. Her musical inspirations are The Clark Sisters, Michael Jackson, Kim Burrell, Sam Cooke and Beyonce just to name a few. However, without question, her most admirable singer is the late Whitney Houston. Her first time seeing, “The Bodyguard”, she automatically fell in love with her voice and aura. Whitney inspired Ranikka to find her hidden treasure which was her gift of song. She believes Ms.Houston embodied the essence of a true artist! At the age of 6 she was given the opportunity to showcase her talent in a big musical production in Pine Bluff. In doing so, it allowed her to be the little star she always wanted to be. She said, “People may think you can’t really go far being from Arkansas.” Also she stated, “A lot of people don’t even know where Arkansas is, especially Pine Bluff.”


Daily her love for music increased as a child and she joined her church and school choirs as well as her college choir to perfect her craft. She have been singing since she was a child but recently decided to actively pursue her dream. Her sound can be described as fresh, edgy and authentic R&B at its best. Her objective is to be a female lyrical artist. Her musical plan is to engage the emotional appeal of those who truly enjoy passionate music. Empowering women and illustrating a new sense of respect for each other along with depicting the depth of their hearts and minds. Her music is definitely soulful music for the new age era. She wants to be relatable to all ethnicity groups, age groups, and genres of music; furthermore, being able to grow as an artist and individual through her music. She wants her music to be transferable across generations. Her brand reflects womanhood and appealing music which reaches the emotional ups and downs of women in respect to daily life. Another goal she wants to achieve is to motivate women and deliver a poetic, lyrical notion with meaningful music. As a means to stretch her talents and outreach, she performed at numerous events in her community along with traveling across the world.

At the moment, she is focusing on perfecting her craft by writing and recording her original music. She’s in the process of releasing an EP in the near future which is a short album consisting of 3 to 5 songs. Be on the lookout for a possible single from her as well. Not only that but in her spare time she share videos on her YouTube channel “Ranikka J” which she started on Feb.11, 2012. Her channel contains covers and much more which she opens up to her supporters and share her amazing gift to the world. Her love for music is unexplainable and the joy it brings to her life is refreshing. “To be honest with you, I really didn’t think that what I’m doing now was possible. I’ve faced numerous of challenges in my life and negative people who tried to steer me in the opposite direction of my purpose. But my faith in God, my family, my support system and every person who played a positive role in my life is what kept me sane and motivated me to go forth with what I’m doing now.”

Remember the name & get familiar with the brand, Ranikka J. She welcomes each of you on her musical journey as she pours out her phenomenal vocals to the world. Believe it or not, she plans to redefine the perceptions of her hometown and introduce the world to yet another small town woman who followed her dreams. “I am just your average woman who’s positive on how she views life itself. As far as my music goes, I love writing to be relatable to peoples’ walks of life. I am very intelligent and extremely motivated to push myself to achieve all of my hearts desires. I refuse to be a quitter. I can be my own worst critic. I set my own standards; I don’t live by anyone’s standards on who they think I should be. I know I’m not perfect but I try my best to be the best Ranikka I can be.” Pine Bluff, Arkansas is her home; however, greatness is her destination. Ranikka J. in a nut shell is blessed. She is blessed with a great family and wonderful friends, an incredible gift and a gigantic heart. When asked what her favorite quote is, she replied, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.” This is the life of Ranikka J.!

Links To Her Music

Youtube channel:
Facebook Fan Page:

Artist Spotlight - JordanL 

BIO:  Jordaniel "JordanL" Riley is a 23 years old native from Detroit, MI and he is the next rising star with meaningful lyrics. Growing up in Detroit taught him how to turn his dreams into goals and obtain them through hard work and dedication. He moved to Arkansas to further his education, while still focusing on his music, he captured the hearts and minds of everyone who came across his music. He is one of the most versatile artist today with music touching the streets, college educated, the hurt, the struggling, and the wealthy.He has a north flow with a southern style. He lives by the quote "Grind, Succeed, Conquer". His motivation and dedication to succeed is inspired by his daughter and his family. With hit songs "Let's get down tonight", "Where to go", "College with a lot of dreams", and recent hit "I'm Focused". He is well on his way of being a successful artist. He realized that failure is an option for some but never one for him, and plus the word FAIL only means First Attempts ILife from the movie. He states that," I don't want to be the best as of now, but I want to be the best to ever do it." Also JordanL will be launching his website on June 21,2013.

website: (launching on June 21,2013)

Artist Spotlight - J Culli 

 Born in Lansing Michigan on April, 2, 1989 J-Culli (Real name: John Culliver) is a professional musician who raps, harmonizes, song writes & produces. J-Culli fell in with music in 1992 when he was old enough to memorize & mimic songs that his older brothers & sisters in their early & late teens used to play on cassettes & radio. Artist that they used to listen to consisted of Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kriss Kross, Tupac & who ever else was popular in the early 90's. As he grew he would occasionally listen to Hip Hop songs when his parents weren't around & in between his school studies.

As time passed, by the age off 11 J-Culli began watching rap videos on BET & MTV with the last of his older siblings that had yet to move out. His main inspirations around this time (1999-2001) consisted of artist like Cash Money Millionaires (Hot Boys, Big Tymers) Eminem, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, T.I., Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Timbaland & Nelly just to name a few. J-Culli finally built up the courage to write his first rap at 12 years old by way of his older peers, setting himself apart from everyone & wanting to be the coolest kid in his middle school. By junior high he was freestyle battling other young rappers In the suburbs of Lansing & in the hoods of Lansing. In school & out of school no matter age, race or gender. He would battle who ever challenged him just for fun & to gain recognition, not caring if he won or lost unaware of all the enemies he was making.

By 14 writing raps & freestyle battling become one of his favorite pastimes & he decided he wanted to pursue a career in music instead of drawing. One of the artist who really had an impact on him & inspired him to take music seriously was 50Cent. In 2003 he borrowed a copy of Get Rich Or Die Trying from his oldest brother who was visiting from Atlanta Georgia. His oldest brother also put him up on alot of classic hip hop albums he had missed out on growing up.

Buy 15 J-Culli decided he didn't want to just pursue music as an artist, he also wanted to be a producer. J-Culli figured being a producer & making his own beats to rap over would be fun, engaging, save him money, make him money & leave him something to fall back on just incase being an actual artist doesn't work. In 2005 his parents purchased him his first Dell desktop, he installed a copy of Fruity Loops (FLStudio) that he accessed from a friend & made his first set of beats. Unsure of his beats he let a few of his older close peers listen. They soon became fans & supported him by spreading the word to other artist in the city.

During the MySpace era (2005-2008) in the early stages of his career J-Culli decided he would use MySpace to his benefit to get himself known more. J-Culli soon had thousands of friends on MySpace, mostly friends from school & some just from word of mouth of the beats he would post on his regular page & his myspace music page which he went under the alias "BlackHood". J-Culli gained many listeners on MySpace from his original beats alone. He eventually started posting freestyles he did on sound recorder from his desktop just to get feedback.

In 2005 J-Culli met an artist by the name of C-Mill$ in Hihschool. In 2006 after hearing C-Mill$ first CD "Mill$ Style" which he had contributed a beat to J-Culli was Anxious to get into the studio & start recording music. Knowing J-Culli was ready to start recording music C-Mill$ introduced him to Lansing artist/producer & engineer Cracka Lack. Lack happen to be working on a mixtape & decided to let J-Culli hop on a remix of Busta Rhymes hit song "Touch It". Soon after Culli & Lack became good friends & Culli started getting all his songs mixed & recorded at Cracka Lack's studio.

In 2006 threw 2007 J-Culli worked on his first project titled "Still Reserve EP". The project was executive produced by J-Culli & Cracka Lack but was never released. The concept & name originated from the beer 211 (Steel Reserve). The EP consisted of 8 songs, 3 produced by Culli the rest by Lack. The project focused mostly on the life of a then high school student showcasing his lyrical skill & having fun while still growing up going threw changes. Threw out that time period he leaked songs from the EP to his friends & they leaked it to their friends which gained gave J-Culli more exposure & popularity. J-Culli became Cracka Lacks protege for a short period of time to better his knowledge of producing & performing. Though everything seemed to be going great for his music career Culli was going threw alot at home & in school during these years. Under much stress & pressure to succeed J-Culli ended up taking a 3 & a half year break from music, nearly giving up.

In 2009 after sitting back & watching Hip Hop go threw drastic changes in the styles of music, fashion & artists that were getting popular J-Culli got re-inspired & started producing & occasionally writing again. A few artist that inspired him to give music another shot were Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Lupe Fiasco. J-Culli began sampling: a trend/style of beat making that was becoming really popular again at the time. In 12th grade him & a artist who went under the alias "Tha Wulf" (now known as Wulf Hogan) formed a Rap group under the name 20Twelve & production team under the name 2Knights entertainment . They did an EP titled Now Or Never that was never released. At the end of 2010 Wulf & Culli obtained & moved into there own studio where they created a gang of new beats, sold a few & started there own

By 2011, 20Twelve had produced over 200 or more beats that were all on Culli's same desktop he had since 2006. Right before his desktop finally crashed he saved all the best beats he had & was contemplating using to a hardrive & put them on his mothers new laptop. In the summer of 2011 Wulf moved from Lansing to another city to pursue a career as a security guard at a college & Culli moved back in with his parents. Threw out that summer he everyday writing songs to the best beats he had for a project he came up with titled "The Blackout Effect EP". In fall 2010 Culli had completed the writing process of T.B.O.E. & was ready to start recording again but the only problem was him & Lack hadn't talked for almost 4 yrs. Culli didn't like letting other people mix his vocals down because no one could mix them as well as Lack. Unsure how Lack would respond to him Culli decided to send him a message on FB telling him everything that he had been threw in the 3 & a half years & why he wasn't recording. Cracka Lack responded to the message "Hit me up when your ready." & the next week Culli was back in the booth.

On September 11th 2011 J-Culli finally released his first official independent album (Originally supposed to be an EP) "The Blackout Effect EP" which featured 17 songs. The album focused mainly on his lyrical skills, letting off steam, being flashy, story telling & the dark-side he was trying to over come threw out the 3 & a half year hiatus without going to much into detail about his personal life. J-Culli produced 90% of the album, the rest of the production was handled by 20Twelve, Wulf Hogan & Cracka Lack. It was Executive produced by J-Culli & Cracka Lack under J-Culli & Wulf Hogan's independent label/production team 2Knights Entertainment. He re-released the Album in Dec of that year because of cover & duplication issues with new cover art & one additional song. By the time he released the album J-Culli's popularity on social networks had grown more than any artist in his city.instead of selling the album on iTunes he decided to give It away for free to get his name out more & get recognition. J-Culli uploaded the free album to megaupload, band camp & media fire. As of today the album has over 25,000 downloads with all of the sharing site downloads combined with no videos, no radio airplay & no show promotion.

Today, J-Culli has a super group & a movement both under the name "UpSide", he's producing & song writing for other local up-incoming artists in Lansing & he's working on his 2nd free album "The BrightSide LP". Unlike previous efforts J-Culli plans on getting songs on radio stations, doing shows in numerous city's & releasing each single with cover art + A video. The project is due out in Fall 2013. J-Culli says "This project will give people more an idea of who i am & my dark & BrightSide. Like everyone has a dark & a brightside you know? But it wont go too deep into detail. I rather save the really deep/dope shit for when i get signed/famous. It's kind of like a prequel of my full story. This should be the one to get me threw the door though."


J-Culli - The Still Reserve EP (2007)…ed%5D_(2007).rar *8 SONGS*
J-Culli - The Blackout Effect EP (2011)…ct_EP_(2011).rar
J-Culli - The Blackout Effect EP (2011) [Re-Release] *Alternate Cover Art + 1 additional song*…e-release%5D.rar
Follow J-Culli on Twitter: @JCULLI
Like his artist pg on FB:…m&group_id=0
SoundCloud: @JCulli

Artist Spotlight - Rose Gold  



Rose Gold is who you can call a triple threat. Overcoming adversity is what she does best and her mind is set on success. Hailing from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, music has always been a passion for this southern beauty. As a first generation Haitian American, life was anything but easy while growing up in Pine Bluff. Watching her parents struggle to establish themselves in the southern community and dealing with continuous and relentless bullying from her peers, Rose Gold turned to music as an escape and outlet for her rage. Influenced by Tupac and Lil Boosie, Rose Gold began writing original music at the age of 14 to express her anguish, using Cool Edit Pro to record her vocals through a computer mic. Later that year, she founded the R&B girl group, 3PM (3 Pretty Misses) which originally comprised of herself, a childhood friend, and a fellow church member. Initially, 3PM suffered a slow start due to the constant changing of group members, but it wasn’t until 2005 when 3PM became official. Having limited resources, the group would go door to door through different neighborhoods singing for people in order to collect donations to form a press kit and pay for studio time. Eventually, the group began gaining local recognition when they released their song “I Like” on Myspace in 2006. After reaching out to various industry heavy-weights, including Sickamore and other major A&Rs, 3PM caught a break when Xavier Lewis of So So Def decided to take the group under his wings. Their hunger is what dared them to leave Pine Bluff and relocate to Atlanta on their own straight out of high school in order to join the imprint label Stoopid Fly Entertainment, founded by Lewis in 2007. However, they soon came to terms with the struggles they faced in Atlanta and disbanded due to creative differences.


            Rose Gold, then 18 years old, was faced with a critical decision: Go hard or go home? She rose to the occasion and made a daring move to New York City.  Despite having to sleep in her car a few nights and her funds slowly dwindling, that wasn’t enough to deter her. After meeting an industry professional at a gas station by chance, Rose Gold was able to attend a recording session at Grindhouse Studios. That same night, she followed an engineer into Legacy Studios where she met Swizz Beatz and his production team, The Individualz. Rose Gold used this opportunity to show off her writing skills. Impressed, The Individualz recruited her as a songwriter in late 2007. By early 2008, Rose Gold began making beats after becoming intrigued with the process while watching The Individualz work. Rose Gold continued writing music and making beats until 2009 when she decided to take a hiatus from music to focus on completing a degree in Biochemistry. Now at 24, with two degrees under her belt, this producer, singer and songwriter is hungrier than ever. By exploiting this advantage, Rose Gold is eager to create a lane for herself and show the world what she’s made of.
Instagram: @itsrosegold
Facebook Fan Page: Rose Gold

Artist Spotlight - Johnni Dough 

Bio: Hollywood Mutha Fuckn J 
Jordan Townsend Quarles better known as Hollywood Mutha Fuckn J, aka, Johnni Dough, aka Scotty Knotts was breed by 808s and hot 16s. Born February 16th, 1990 in Tampa Florida. His parents moved back to their home town Pine Bluff, Arkansas in 1992, where low income communities, high murder rates and drugs played a key role in fueling this destined superstar into representing the underdog and mislead people of his community. By the age of 9 Hollywood was developing the foundation of being a artist, such as melodies, rhythmic patterns, and the art of storytelling. Coming up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas was a hostile environment so through the tribes and tribulations of his teenage upcoming, gave his music more substance and something his peers and people in the same situation could relate to. Some musical influences he had included the late great Pimp C, The Hot Boys, Chamillionaire, Keke, Big Tuck, Missy Elliot, Diplomats, OutKast, Boosie, Webbie, Foxx, R Kelly and Ronald Isley. By the age of 18 Hollywood had supplied the state with professional street music that gained a buzz all the way to Texas. In the mist of being an artist it dawned on him that he wanted to be more than an artist, but he wanted to be a CEO. So he founded KashKingzEnt with the help of his manager Efrain Vazquez . With the link up of some of the hottest produces and engineers from Arkansas, including Demorio Hall . Some people look at it being just words on a beat but Hollywood looked at this platform as a stepping stone into being a pioneer of his world, his people, and to break the laws of restriction, doubts, cant’s, negativity and turning that into light, love, and beauty for the streets and confused minds of this era to let them know that somebody still cares.

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