We can't all win but neither can we all lose so I just want to fill in the gaps. It's no better time in this world to be different and to stand out than now. As a female artist, I want my lyrics to define my music and the grind to define my work ethics. It's time to separate the stigmas of a certain beauty in HIP- HOP,  a model has one job and that's to strictly model and be beauty cautions. So I'm female rapper..... a notepad, mic, give me a beat and let me rap! 

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  1. Lyons

Spits Da Dawn – “Everything” (Video) 

In the ‘hood it can be a “dog eat dog” world, because everyone is trying to survive through some type of struggle but how you choose to survive reveals your character.
Struggle, greed and envy can cause relatives and so-called friends to try and cross you.

However, Spits Da Dawn and the KingPenCity run a tight ship where egos are set aside, everyone plays their role in fulfilling the shared dream towards success so when that time comes everyone is guaranteed a plate to eat. They live by the mantra OTOD; “One Team, One Dream”.

Therefore, with such a triangle offense, Spits states that he knows more than he says, thinks more than he speaks and notices more than many realize. And for the rest which he may miss; his team will be there to catch it all and best believe they tell him EVERYTHING!

We, are happy to premiere KingPenCity’s own and Underground Music Award “Artist to Watch” nominee Spits Da Dawn’s first single and video “Everything”.

YV & Hollywood – “Work” featuring Loaded Lux (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) 


YV & Hollywood, the brother duo from Boston, just dropped this new video “Work”. This is a hit! It even has a feature from Loadex Lux in it. ‘

“My brother and I are young but we’ve seen a lot. Our music is made to take people on a journey with us through the highs and the lows. We know they’re going through it too. That connection with the people is why we do it” explains Hollywood.

The bright future ahead of YV & Hollywood wasn’t always as clear as it is today. Growing up homeless and bouncing around New York City’s gritty shelter system. “I remember some nights where me, my brothers and mother would sleep on a park bench. Those days are long gone”, says YV, “but we will never forget them. It made us stronger and hungry for success. That’s why we put our heart and soul in every song we do”.

These unique siblings have been doing it since their pre-teen years. From childhood the brothers would be called on frequently to entertain at family functions. As they grew into adolescents family fun time turned into serious business when an older cousin heard them and decided to partner with them to form Fame & Fortune Entertainment.

YV & Hollywood are going all out in their mission to bring good music to the world. Using a combination of powerful melodies and truthful lyrics New York City born, New England based Hip Hop/R&B duo have been building a fan base up and down the East Coast. While both the brothers sing, Hollywood handles the majority of the vocals with YV carefully crafting the bars. After a string of mixtape appearances and videos, they are starting to catch the ears of fans and the industry alike.

Follow them on Twitter @YVAndHollywood

Sol4rSyst3m – “D33P Inside” (Video) 

A Breathe Of Fresh air into the HipHop Scene Is What Sol4rSyst3m Is. Check out The First ofiicial Video From the Two Brothers (Savvy Knight & Ghostboy) Better Known as Sol4rSyst3m. Prod. STRONG SYMPHONY /// Dir. By GDun


ChinaMan Chris – “Higher” 

Aspiring artist Christopher Robinson ChinaMan Chris was born in Detroit, Michigan immersed by music that motivates him until this day. The 22 year old Detroit native found solace in music from a young age through the support of family and exposure to artists like Gil Scott-Heron, which birthed his love for jazz, hip-hop and other genres.

MC Favor – “Sick & Tired” (Video) 

M.C. Favor, 17 year old Rapper/songwriter/clothing line designer/producer Born & Raised Los Angeles, CA. The Music Video that will be promoted is a song from M.C. Favor’s “I See the Truth” Album Mixtape titled “Sick & Tired” Prod. by M.C. Favor (Official Music Video)Dir. By Crismatic

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